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Emergency Food Supplies/ Health Products

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7 Fat Cows Prepping is a startup company providing emergency food supplies & gear for disasters as well as camping, hiking, or any other outdoor activities, and offer health supplies as well.

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7 Fat Cows Prepping is looking to prepare as many people as they can for any disaster that comes along through the blog on their website for recipes and preparedness tips to the products they offer, most carry a 25 years shelf life. Whether from hurricanes, tornados, fires, floods, earthquakes, or any other type of disaster 7 Fat Cows Prepping wants you to be prepared.



The goal for this project was to design an e-commerce store with products from different sources. Products from one source must have per product shipping while the other source has products that are fixed shipping for 1 to 2 items then free shipping at 3 or more products. Also to have shipment tracking, invoicing, and a client’s account area. They wanted to display new items on the home page and also showcase their blog with multiple categories.



Partnering together on the project, we created a simplified but beautiful website to engage the user and increase the user experience from the blog posts to the shopping cart and finished off with the checkout process and account dashboard.
Brand Creation

Brand Creation

Creation of a Brand New ID

Brand Design

Branded Design

Branded E-commerce Website Design

Client Satisfaction


Client Satisfaction

Shopping cart

Giving the user the ability to change the layout of the shopping cart from the grid to list views creates a more pleasurable user experience. Together with the indexed filters, finding what you want is lightning fast without taking the user to a new page.
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This blog doesn’t look like the typical boring blog and it isn’t. Every page is thought out and planned for maximum impact for each category as well as sidebars that display information about the author and sections to direct the user to other pertinent parts of the website as well as products relevant to the blog category as an upselling feature.
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