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A.E.R.S. is a non-profit company that provides resources and services to caregivers of individuals with dementia and to educate the public and care-giving professionals about dementia.

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AERS was first organized in December 2002 as Alzheimer’s of South Central Alabama (ALZSCA) at the request of the Psychiatry Division of the Alabama State Mental Health Department and initially served fourteen counties in and around Montgomery. In January 2003 ALZSCA was incorporated as a non-profit organization and later received a 501(c) (3) designation by the Internal Revenue Service. Because resources were insufficient to adequately serve such a large geographic area, in 2005 ALZSCA changed its name to Alzheimer’s of the Greater Montgomery Area (AGMA) and limited services primarily to Autauga, Elmore, and Montgomery Counties.



AERS’s old website was bland, loaded very slowly, was not user-friendly, and was only updateable through the webmaster at a charge. Our goals were to design a pleasant experience for the user and have information that was easy to find and a way for visitors to sign up for different types of newsletters as well as a way for visitors to contact them if they had any questions. They also wanted a way to show their upcoming events and have visitors contact them to register. Shortly after the launch COVID-19 shut everything down, they requested a way to take applications and provide testing.



Partnering with ARES we created a website that saw an immediate positive response from the community and increased web traffic and website interaction by 300%. We also created an online application multi-step form that populates a custom pdf that meets NIDE requirements and emails the completed form to the administrator and immediately redirects the applicant to the testing center where they choose which test they need to take. We also created the tests and surveys with auto-grading and reporting by email the requires test results to the administrator.
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The application program

We reproduced the NIDE application in a pdf template with dynamic areas for the user responses and upon submitting the online application the dynamic data is transferred to the pdf template and automatically emailed to AERS’s administrator, then the applicant is redirected to a new page with testing options.
AERS online application

Parallax effects

With limited text on most pages, we utilized the parallax effect on most pages to give depth to the background images and make them feel interactive. A Parallax effect is a modern web design technique where the background element scrolls slower than foreground content.
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