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B&G Security International, LLC is a licensed Security Agency that offers its clients the utmost in security guard services. A broad array of customized security services is provided for private citizens, executives, dignitaries, celebrities, businesses, homes, communities & organizations throughout Georgia & Alaska.

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B&G Security International, LLC is a company based in Atlanta Georgia since 1998 with locations in Alaska and Georgia. B&G strives to provide quality security protection services at a cost-effective rate and to be recognized as a company that has employees that demonstrate the highest level of integrity and pride in a job well done. B&G goals are to establish attainable business goals that will enable B&G Security Guard Agency to reach new heights and expand to become the security provider of choice.
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The goal for this website was to reduce a 20-page website with multiple locations to a one-page website and keep the branding I had created in 2005. The page had to have navigation to each section that was easy to use and the entire site needed to be responsive to mobile and tablet as well as desktop. The design needed to be fresh and modern keeping the black and gold company colors.



The result is a beautifully modern design with animated text and big bold pictures heading each section. The fly-out navigation takes the user to each section, is crisp, clean, smooth, and very easy to use. The page background and copy were reused from the original site and updated. We added animated color-changing headers and in the image heading sections we added a nice text effect. We finished it off we a contact us form that autorespondes to the sent email with details of their message included.
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One of the features of this website is the navigation menu. It’s a nice and smooth operating slide-out menu that closes automatically upon making a choice. This also works in mobile and tablet versions as well.
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Another nice feature is eye candy. The heading of each section has a nice big image with sliding semi-transparent large text to add to the overall esthetics of the site.
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