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psychological evaluations and treatment

The goal of Clark Psychological Associates is to provide comprehensive psychological evaluations and treatment to a diverse population across the life span.

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Clark Psychological Associates specializes in consultative psychological evaluations for individuals, primary care physicians, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals. We provide a comfortable environment in order to explore particular areas to be addressed. Our evaluative process includes conducting a medical history, psychosocial history, clinical interview, mental status examination, appropriate psychological testing, therapeutic feedback to the client regarding the results of testing, and a comprehensive written evaluation that is forwarded to the referral source at the client’s request.



The goals of this project were to create a new website from the old outdated and nonfunctioning site they had. To create the website for easy updating by the office staff, to provide forms to specific clients for specific patient types, and to showcase their services.



What we did for Dr. Clark started with a design from scratch a new layout and design, creating custom post types to use in dynamic data for the various sections throughout the site using custom loop templates, and creating a custom area accessible by the client to easily add new data. We also recreated Dr. Clark’s logo for use on their forms and website. This website is loaded with animations and effects to and to the user experience and branding.
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Redesign of Old Website

Client Satisfaction


Client Satisfaction

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