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WiFi TV Provider

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My2020TV is a WiFi TV provider for anyone in the USA with high-speed internet service on TV, Tablets, and smartphones.

Home Page:

2020TV is founded by ex-pro football player Frank Walker II, to provide affordable WiFi TV to all. 2020TV offers the viewer the opportunity to watch over 3,500 live streaming shows. Although on-demand shows and movies are unavailable, you can still stay up to date with your favorite content by catching it live daily! There is a live guide and search menu option so you can quickly find the show or movie of your choice.



To review all work done by the previous designer that did not have the skills to finish the project and produce a functional website utilizing already produced graphics and no copy. The client wanted a shopping cart and an area where customers could review the services they have and reinstate or cancel the service.



Starting where another designer left off, we scrapped almost everything the other designer did and started fresh. Based on the graphics and direction provided by our client we came up with a design that is simple but effective, featuring an e-commerce store, videos, and a robust informational section.

Custom Account Page

We took the boring My Account area and spiced it up with a custom design and graphics adding easy to use customer dashboard.
2020tv my accounts

Slide out cart overview

The slide-out cart is an easy convenient way to view your cart or remove an item from the cart without having to go to a different page. Features are showing the products added to the cart, subtotal of all products added together, remove from the cart button, view cart, and checkout buttons all branded to the website colors. This smooth slide-out is a great option for any type of shopping cart.
2020tv slide out cart

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