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Prolific Metal Works is a small manufacturer of various sizes and styles of roll-off containers for all industries.

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In 2015 Prolific Metal Works was approached by operators in the roll-off trucking business that asked them, “Our needs are just not being met; is it possible to build an affordable, high-quality roll-off container?”. With that opportunity and the collaboration of veteran roll-off operators, they produced their first roll-off. Today they offer a full line of rectangular and tub style roll-off containers.



The main goal of this project was to create a user-friendly website based around black and monster green that showcases the products and features as well as their services.



The owner was very much a driving force on this project and knew exactly what he wanted and as with other sites we built for him in the past, presented us with the structure he wanted. The result is a nice-looking website with the functionality and ease of use he desired. We have been informed that a rebuild is in the plans as well as adding more products and features.

Image Sliders

There are 2 image sliders on the home page, the main one showcases the main areas with buttons linking to other pages on the site.
Pro-Metal Works slider


We partnered with the owner of Prolific Metal Works and came up with a way to display the features of each product in an easy-to-read and coherent way utilizing a table layout with odd / even background colors and included an images gallery to display each product.
Pro-Metal Works product features

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