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A small breeding program of Boerboels in Autauga County, AL, with the primary goal to produce quality puppies that can be companions as well as guardians of the home.

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A small breeding program of Boerboels in Autauga County, AL, with the primary goal to produce quality puppies that can be companions as well as guardians of the home. Our dogs live in a family environment and are exposed to different encounters and experiences through early socialization. Exposure to new sights, sounds, and environments is beneficial to a dog’s mental growth. Therefore contributing to positive behavior and reducing the chances of a dog becoming anxious or insecure in certain situations. It also improves the ability of the dog to discern threats, as this breed is known to be a natural protector. Our children are often included in the dog’s care and are instructed on appropriate handling and play behaviors. Our dogs are expected to be obedient and mindful to the children. This process allows for mutual respect between the dog and family. The Boerboel is an intelligent breed and is very affectionate with the family if given appropriate handling and training.
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River Region Boerboels is a new startup website for an existing home-based company in Prattville Alabama. The goals for this project were to design a one-page website that educates people about the Boerboel’s breed and shows the available dogs for adoption, puppies available for adoption, a photo gallery, and a way to contact them for more information or set up a visit.



The results of this project are a fully dynamic section to add, modify, delete available dogs and input the dog information with an easy-to-use backend. We utilized the owner’s requested color scheme to showcase the website in a fun and user-friendly design with popout navigation that closes upon a selection being made. There is a lightbox photo gallery with the option to display titles, descriptions, short descriptions, and a secured Captcha V3 contact form. We also included basic SEO which as of this writing has them ranked on the first page of Google in one week from launch. The owner is very happy with her website and we look forward to a long relationship with River Region Boerboels.
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Dynamic Content

In this section, we utilize the power of WordPress by creating a completely dynamic area. All information in this section comes from a database for each dog, from the image, dog’s name, and all stats, and in the stats, there are external links to different organizations to verify each dog’s credentials. The website owner can add, modify, delete any dog using the easy-to-use backend without worry about the design.
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Image Hotspots

In this section, image hotspots were utilized to give a clear overview of the dog’s main characteristics. On the left side is a description of the breed and in the image hotspot, there are plus signs that on hover over display a flip box with a short description of the dog’s characteristic.
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