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The Swimming Hole


Swimming Supplies

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A local swimming supply store and pool installation services for the surrounding Prattville, Alabama area.

Home Page:

The Swimming Hole provides its customers with pool chemicals, the Big Green Egg, pool furniture, pool maintenance supplies and repair parts, pool salt, pool toys, and wind chimes while giving outstanding customer service.



The main goal for this web page was to give visitors a general description of the Swimming Hole’s products and store information while displaying a photo gallery and a location map and a way to contact them via email with a page navigation.



The main goal of this project was to have an informational website so people in the area could find them. We created this feature-rich one-page site with product categories, a photo gallery contact form, and a location map all dressed beautifully on top of images for each section.


This one-page site includes sectional navigation to where when you chose a navigation item it goes to that section on the page.
The Swimming Hole hero image

Lightbox photo gallery

This photo gallery including a lighthouse effect that displays each image full screen while still seeing the site behind it under a semi-transparent black overlay with image description and image navigation.
The Swimming Hole Gallery

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