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Page Rankings - What Are They and are they Important?


The Google page rank algorithm is a mathematical calculation that evaluates the quality and quantity of incoming links to a particular webpage. This evaluation helps it to calculate a score of the page’s credibility and authority.

PageRank scores used to be visible to anyone using the Google Toolbar.

Sites were given PageRank (or PR)  on a scale of 1-10. The ratings are no longer public, but the data lives on. How significant of a role it still plays a Google’s ever-changing algorithm is up for debate.


PageRank is one of many signals Google evaluates in making decisions about which websites to serve up to searchers.

By analyzing the quality and quantity of links to a site, it determines the importance of a page.

Getting links from high-quality websites is a good thing. Google sees the link as adding credibility to your content. That positively impacts your website ranking.

To rank higher, you need links from quality websites.

Those websites, in turn, need links from other quality websites. The score acts as a measure of the relative quality of a website compared to other sites the search engine could show.