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Nothing is worse than an outdated website design and irrelevant content. Sites with outdated designs, no responsiveness, outdated content a lack of SEO all work against you. Your site will lose rankings in Google and eventually, Google may drop your site completely.

PWD will assess your current site and the content and together with you we will produce a plan for not only a new modern site but one that will be fast, responsive, mobile-first design, optimized, and SEO optimized to meet your companies goals increasing traffic, sales and ROI.


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Signs you need a website redesign

Outdated Design

An outdated design tells your customers you just don’t care, the quality of goods or service is questionable, your credibility is diminished, you look like you’re not “with it”, makes your competition look great, Google rankings drop and looks like you’re out of business.

Performance & Functionality Issues

A slow website or functionality issues will cause a negative effect on your website as well. Lower rankings in Google, creditability suffers less traffic and lower sales. 

Outdated Images & Content

Outdated images and content can have a major impact on your site remaining in Google’s rankings. Google looks at all content for relevance and fresh, original, and meaningful content is one of many factors to rank your site. Bad images or incorrectly sized, Alt tags and optimization all play key rolls.

No to little SEO Optimization

The days of just getting by on SEO are over. In order to rank high, you must give this area a lot of attention and constantly improve your SEO in order to keep and increase your sites rankings. 

PWD will get it done

PWD award-winning designer will create a beautifully functioning responsive website that is SEO optimized driving traffic and making your site highly visible. We will provide:

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