Why WordPress?

WordPress is a simple, easy to use, Website development program that requires little to no coding to make beautiful websites with a click of a button!

SEO Friendly!

WordPress is written using standard compliance high-quality code and produces semantic markup. In non-geek terms, this makes Google and other search engines love WordPress.

Safe & Secure!

WordPress is developed with security in mind, and it is considered to be a very safe and secure platform to run a website.

Easy to manage!

WordPress comes with a built-in updates management system. This allows you to update your plugins and themes from within your WordPress admin dashboard.

Prattville Web Design has many options to assist you in your website journey from Teaching you to build your own website, for those under a very tight budget or those DYI'ers that want more control of the creative process. No matter the reason, we have a solution for you.

WordPress Services

We build it for you!

WordPress websites have so many options and plugins and things are not always clear as to which one you need. You can get overwhelmed and frustrated. 

We take the frustration out of building your website by offering easy, stress free collaboration with you to build the perfect website. 

We will build your website or assist you where you need or just take over and finish your vision if you don’t have the time. 

We offer no contracts and no obligations. 

Learn WordPress

and build your own website!

With WordPress’ Safe, Secure, and easy to use platform, we at Prattville Web Design we can easily teach you how to build your own outstanding custom websites from your office or home, for your business or just for you! 

Only learn what you need to learn. 

Websites these days are expensive and some startups and mom and pop shops just can’t afford making the investment. So they attempt to build their own website and either get stuck or just give up out of frustration. 

That’s where Prattville Web Design comes in and can teach you what you need to know to successfully finish your website and have it running like you hired a pro to build it.

    • Getting started with WordPress
      • Installing WordPress
      • Custom installation
      • One-click installation
      • Logging in to WordPress
    • Exploring the WordPress dashboard
      • Screen options
      • Customizing your dashboard
      • Editing your profile
      • Logging out 
    • Updating your WordPress installation
      • Updating WordPress, plugins, and themes
    • Posts in WordPress
      • Difference between posts and pages
      • Creating a new post
      • Using the editor
      • Visual editor
      • HTML editor
      • Adding media
      • Inserting a gallery
      • Full screen editing
      • Autosave
      • Categories
      • Tags
      • Using custom fields
      • Previewing, publishing, and saving drafts
      • Editing an existing post
      • Quick edit
      • Deleting a post
      • Viewing a post
      • Changing the status of a post
      • Changing the visibility of a post
      • Permalinks and shortlinks
    • Using Media in WordPress
      • The library
      • Scaling and cropping images in WordPress
      • Media metadata
      • Uploading media
      • Seeing where media is being used
    • Adding Links in WordPress
      • Adding links
      • Link categories
    • Pages in WordPress
      • Adding, editing, and deleting pages
      • Page attributes
      • Parent pages
      • Templates
      • Ordering pages
    • WordPress Comments
      • Enabling and disabling comments
      • Setting default behaviors for comments
      • Viewing comment
      • Comment approval process
      • Dealing with spam
      • Deleting comments
    • WordPress Themes and Appearance
      • Managing themes
      • Installing themes
      • Widgets
      • Menus
      • Appearance Editor
      • Editing the CSS files
    • WordPress Plugins
      • What are plugins?
      • Finding plugins
      • Installing plugins
      • Activating and deactivating plugins
      • Editing plugin settings
      • Deleting plugins
    • Users
      • Adding, editing, and deleting users
      • User roles and permissions


      • Available tools
      • Importing content from another site
      • Exporting your WordPress data
    • WordPress Settings
      • General settings
      • Changing the site title and tagline
      • Changing your URL
      • Using a different homepage
      • Updating the admin email address
      • Changing time zones
      • Date/Time formats
    • Writing settings
      • Changing the post box size
      • Using emoticons
      • Changing the default post and link categories
      • Post to your site via email
      • Remote publishing
    • Reading settings
      • Changing default page behaviors
    • Discussion settings
      • Default article and comment settings
      • Comment moderation settings
    • Media settings
      • Image sizing
      • Embedding media
      • Changing the default folder for uploaded files
    • Privacy settings
      • Permalink settings
      • Photo Album configuration
    • WordPress Maintenance
      • Types of maintenance
      • What should be done
      • Importance of website maintenance
      • Maintenance check list
    • Must have WordPress plugins
    • Exploring the default WordPress theme
    • Customizing the WordPress theme

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